Explore the Best of Kolkata in its Food, People, & Temples

Kolkata is one of the most significant cities in India. The city was once the center of all administrative activities in India during the British Raj. Today the city still continues to remain a significant city in India. It is the capital of West Bengal and is also a most run-after holiday destination. Head to the city to explore it for real, and for accommodations, choose from the best budget hotels in Kolkata.temples in kolkata

Kolkata, one of the major metropolitans in India, is a historic city that was the seat of the British during their reign in India. Largely developed by them, the city still clinches to its colonial past, particularly in the forms of colonial structures, bungalows, and buildings that were the headquarters of their administration. There are numerous landmarks and reminiscent from the era of British that are still in excellent state of preservation even after decades of their build.

Formerly Calcutta, Kolkata became the capital of the state West Bengal after the independence of India, while the nation’s capital was moved to Delhi. In modern times, the city is the very core of art, culture, tradition, and literature of the eastern regions of India. Besides, it is also a major city from where one can start the journey to the peaceful states of North-East India.kolkata city tour

Kolkata being the city of opportunities, is home to a large populous. It is one of the most crowded as well as polluted cities in India. Nonetheless, Kolkata is also an enthusiast of art and literature. To this fact, the city is also referred to as the Cultural capital of India. Meanwhile, choose one from the many Kolkata holiday packages in order to best enjoy your tour of the city. Talking about the rich culture, there are many maestro, poets, authors, and musicians in the Indian history that belong to Kolkata; the good thing is that the city still continues to produce more legends.hawarh bridge kolkata

The Denizens here, primarily the Bengalis, are adherent devotees, they have great faith in the Gods and Goddesses. Goddess Durga and Kali in particular is the most revered idols in the city. It is quite normal if one finds a temple dedicated to the goddess on the nooks and corners of the city. Durga Puja is the biggest festival here. It is a long celebrated festival, ideally lasts four to five days, and falls between September to October month. It is in particular recommended to visit the city during the festive period of Durga Puja. The city is most beautiful in this time period.

Apart from religion Kolkata is also passionate about food. Fish and rice, locally called Maach Bhaat is the trade mark of the city. When in Kolkata do try it. The other must try delicacies include jhalmuri, fuchka which are the popular snacks and the sweets like rasmalai, rasgulla, Sandesh, langcha, and mishti doi.
While one explores and relishes his tour of the city, a place that one ought to visit is Kalighat. It is basically a temple that is seen with utter importance and is dedicated to goddess Kali. It is a very old temple; records state that the original foundation of the temple was laid by Sabarna Roy Choudhury, a zamindar (landlord). At that time the temple was housed inside a hut. It was later in the early 18th century that the temple was renovated and the construction of the present day temple began. There is a popular legend that is associated with the temple. It is said that when Lord Shiva was carrying the charred body of mata Sati, it was the last finger of her left hand that fell on the site where the temple today exists. It for this fact the temple is seen with utmost importance. The good thing is that as the temple is a major landmark in the city, it is easy to access. Besides, there also exist a couple of budget hotels in Kolkata in the vicinity to the temple, offering content accommodation along with the convenience of transportation.