Eat Your Heart out to Satiety at These Famous Spots in Hyderabad


The grandeur of Hyderabad is demonstrated in its ability to reliably merge its progressed, new time with its old legacy. The back roads of Secunderabad, CharMinar and Nampally are immersed with impactful food smells that radiate from the rich Andhra cooking with rich Nizam culinary offerings. So if you are on a food spree in the city, there’s a lot more than just Biryani and Nihari, ardently waiting for you.

Getting down from one of those Mumbai to Hyderabad flights? Plane journeys can be a bit boring as well tiring at times. So what could brighten you up in Hyderabad ought to be a rich, genuine Hyderabadi biryani. This great dish can bring out those appetite strings in a split second. Here’s a rundown of probably the most renowned and best eating spots in Hyderabad to tame the foodie in you.

hyderabadi biryani


This spot is a standout amongst the most adored Biryani centres in Hyderabad. It’s said to have lost the radiance now when contrasted with the past days, yet is too known as ever. Other than the biryani, the falooda too at Paradise really lands you into heaven. So every one of the biryani fanatics, this is one holy place for you, no?



Guntur Idlis, Corn Dosa, Uttapams -These are just the right reasons why one can never get a seat at Chutney’s, Hyderabad’s most acclaimed veggie lovers’ restaurant in Banjara Hills. True South Indian delicacies with remarkable enjoyments, for example, the Paneer Tikka Dosa, make this spot emerge in the dosa rivalry. Conceivably the best stop for a typical South-Indian breakfast, a gala for two here costs Rs 800 on a normal.

blue fox restaurant

Blue Fox

Perched upon the whimsical Minerva Coffee Shop, another gloat commendable culinary spot in Hyderabad is the Blue Fox, which holds a treat for each Biryani fan on the earth! The biryani, as well as alternate luxuries offered in its menu are simply heavenly to taste. This one’s genuinely a foodie’s most adored option.

10 dowing street

10 Downing Street

The sanctuary of both the world class and the youthful, 10 Downing Street is furthermore surely understood for its Karaoke nighttimes on Thursdays and the bar lunch wherein for just Rs 150, you are served a complete dinner, be it Chinese, Continental or Indian, alongside a complimentary glass of brew or a soda. What more on Earth does a foodie need more?

shah ghouse cafe

Shah Ghouse Cafe

The most sought after spot amongst the locals and tourists, Shah Ghouse Cafe is famous far and wide for its haleem, particularly amid the heavenly month of Ramadan. Shah Ghouse Café likewise serves the best Irani chai found in the city – a hard forte to keep up given the amount of Irani bistros that are available in the more uptown areas of Hyderabad. Its Irani Chai hasn’t changed since the last 50 years!