Dubai Mall: TOP 10 Stores for Kids

It is not a secret that for many of us holidays on the worldwide famous resorts are primarily associated with unlimited shopping. In view of this, every major city of the UAE offers many shops and modern shopping centers aimed to meet such needs of tourists at the highest level.

If speaking of Dubai, even the most demanding shopper will be satisfied with a huge variety of goods there. What’s more, Dubai is a true treasury for the parents who want to buy some new, high-quality toys for their kids! So, further we’ll consider the greatest stores in Dubai where you can find something really special for your children.

One of the first places of your shopping route should be the Dubai Mall located near the famous Burj Khalifa. More than 1,200 stores of the world’s most famous brands, a huge ice skating rink, several cinemas, a giant aquarium – all this is just a small part of what the Dubai Mall can offer you. So, let’s start considering the malls’ best toy stores!

dubai mall

“Collectors Palace”
Judging from the name of the store, it specializes in the passions of small and big collectors. A wide variety of the models of cars and ships, cartoon characters and a huge selection of dolls – this is what small customers can find in the store.

“Big On Children”
This is one of the first stores of its kind specializing in modern and interactive toys. No doubt, you will be satisfied with the range of goods in the store, while kids will get a good gift, developing their mind and raising the spirits.

“Early Learning Centre”
This store is not only a great place to purchase educational games for your children, but it also serves as a training center, expanding the horizons of its young visitors. The variety of goods in the store will strike your expectations!

This shop features goods of one of the most recognizable brands in the world named “Hello Kitty”. Realizing that it’s very nice not only to receive but also to give the gifts, “Sanrio” took care of the creation of a vast range of goods, among which you can easily choose a gift for any taste. Each item in the store is decorated with a charming cat face, which makes children smile.

“The Toy Store”
The store offers the toys of the highest quality. Numerous demonstrations and competitions have helped the store to identify the main wishes of the consumers, and now you can certainly find there something that will surprise your kid! Both boys and girls will be amazed by the variety of toys in the store. So, get ready to pull them away by the ears…

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“Party Zone”
This is, probably, one of the most amazing places in the whole Dubai! The store will offer you a huge choice of goods for children’s parties. A wide selection of decorations such as balloons of different shapes and sizes, hats and crackers will add brightness and originality to your kid’s holiday. If you want to organize a party yourself, you can buy an amazing clown costume with all the inherent attributes!

“Exoto Tifosi”
This is one of the best stores for boys! A variety of race cars of all shapes and sizes with various kinds of remote control are represented in the appropriately decorated “car” interior of the store. You will even find special racing suits for kids! Also, there is a wide selection of collectable cars – their design will delight any fan of art! This toy store in Dubai will add to your child’s life a new experience which he will be amazed with!

“Pink Panther”
If previously we talked about the store for boys, then “Pink Panther” is the place for girls. The best goods and accessories of the brand will be a great gift for your little daughter. Clothing, toys, backpacks and other trifles of this boutique are represented in 100 shades of pink, which will allow your kid to select the item to her taste!

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“RC Pitstop”
As you can understand from the name of the store, it specializes in the sale of radio-controlled toys. The store offers cars, ships, planes and other toys of all sizes, with all types of engines. Among the offered toys there are models for small kids (designed only for the simplest commands), and for the older children (these toys feature around 15 different commands and are the subject of admiration).

“Hamleys – The Finest Toy Shop in the Worldstar”
This is one of the few stores owned by the most renowned company in the world specializing in the retail sale of toys. In this store there’s a wide range of toys suitable both for very young children and adults, who still have a sparkle of children’s carelessness deeply hidden in their hearts. Dolls, cars, a variety of games, a wide range of radio-controlled toys – all the items are designed for various age groups. In addition, a wide choice of goods allows you easily to find an item that meets your quality and price requirements.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Dubai Mall offers an excellent parking lot for 14 thousand of cars, so if you are going to get around the town in a rental car, you needn’t worry about finding a secure place to leave it.

As you might have realized, the Dubai Mall is so huge that it may take over one day to check it out. You can come back there again and again, each time discovering something new and incredibly exciting! So, feel free to go to the Dubai Mall with your children and explore carefully every corner of this unusual shopping complex!