Why is it recommended to discover destinations in India in a train

As a tourist you can do, see, experience a lot when travelling to places in India and discovering new destinations. The country being big and diverse provides one with an infinitely long list of destinations and tourist attractions. Travelling in trains certainly elevates the entire experience of holidaying. It is fun, interesting, and often chaotic. So book the train tickets and get travelling!


Whether you are travelling to your favorite destination as you have formed some kind of bond with it, or you are heading your way to a new place that you have a pretty vague idea, there are always some new experiences to be gained. It is needless to say that tourism is time based. Every tourist destination has a particular time when tourism is at the peak. In most of the cases the weather and the season are the two factors that generally decide the time frame when tourism is at its highest point. The other factors that play significant roles include festive seasons and the special events of some sort, such as annual cultural event, annual trading event, and others to include. Even there are some scenarios where people are travelling to the destinations in off tourism seasons. The lucrative tour packages and travel deals offered in the off-tourism season by the travel agencies, air carriers, hotels, etc. immediately grab the attention. Besides, visiting your favorite destination in an off-season always sound exciting because so far, all the time you have traveled to your favorite destination, it is only during peak tourism season, when the weather is most pleasant, so you know nothing about being at the destination in an off tourism season.

Holidays are always fun and travelling to the destination is a significant part of the wholesome holiday experience. Many travel experts advise to use trains to reach the destinations in India. Although, with modernity expanding its reach to different corners of the country, it is possible to access many destinations via flights, but the experience that you relish in a train journey is unique and simply worth. Whether you are travelling on a New Delhi to Patna train, Chennai to Jammu train, or Puri to Somnath train, it is certain that there are lots of things that you’ll learn during the journey. Given below are some good reasons that might tempt you in travelling in Indian train.

  • As you travel by train you meet lots of people, which is a great way of understanding the culture as well as the typical Indian way of life. Most of the fellow passengers are easy to get around with, they are willing to talk and it is just often a case that you’ll end up sharing your experiences, thoughts, and views with the fellow passengers.
  • As your train proceeds it passes through the inner parts of several states where modernity is almost nil. Sitting next to the window and watching the small houses, farms, and small stations pass-by is a wonderful experience.
  • Travelling in a train is often chaotic. You will hear the cries of the chai walas and watch the hawkers pass by, selling cheap gadgets and toys. Plus, also take the opportunity to get down at the small railheads, breath in some air and relish the busy scene.

So go ahead and book your train tickets and get going to the destinations. Booking tickets in advance is possible in a Jaipur to Alwar train and all other Indian trains. In fact, in general case everyone book their tickets in advance.