Escape to these pristine destinations near Mumbai

On the off chance that you thought Mumbai was entrancing, hold up till you take an outing around the peripherals of the city. You will be hypnotized by the excellence of the slope stations and the sweet spots around the city. This article discusses a couple of the greatest weekend getaways from Mumbai.

Life in a metro city is exhausting and tedious. You require something to forward to each once in for a little while, toss yourself a bone or two maybe. The best respite one can get themselves from the bustling city life is an unwinding weekend getaway. In the event that you are living in a city like Mumbai, it doesn’t get more real than that. Right from the populace, atmosphere, and traffic, everything in Mumbai is over the top. However, the uplifting news is, there are numerous flawless destinations close to this uber-city and it’s not obligatory for you to live in this city to visit these spots. You can visit it from any modern cities in India for a short excursion to these lovely places. Make sure you check the Mumbai to Delhi train fare and book it before heading out for your trip. Here are the top getaways from Mumbai.


The town is the spot to be to experience one on one with a natural beauty. Sprawling in the Western Ghats ranges, Mahabaleshwar charms every visitor’s eye with its rich greenery and quietness. Krishna river winds the rich foliage making an exquisite sight for every one of those wandering out to this a player in the state. The best way to appreciate its beauty is to take a boat ride in the Vienna Lake which is basically astounding and an amazingly resuscitating movement.


An important pilgrimage site, Shirdi is best known as home to the celebrated Saint of Shirdi Sai Baba. The town is just 296 kilometers from Mumbai and thusly is an impeccable destination for weekend getaways around Mumbai for religiously inclined people. The region and incorporating temples are all dedicated to Sai Baba here. One can explore a couple of glorious sacred temples related to the adored sage’s lifespan. A bit of the standard areas in the town join Chawadi where Sai Baba would stay for every substitute night and Gurusthan the spot where he sat under a neem tree.


Matheran is a champion amongst the most surely understood districts for weekend getaways around Mumbai. It is arranged on the Western Ghats at around 90 kilometers away from Mumbai. The sumptuous green valley of Matheran remains defilement free subsequent to the time that it has been pronounced an eco-friendly range and has a preclusion on the area of vehicles. Matheran is for everyone who desires to breathe in some fresh and crisp air on a weekend break. It is also the littlest slope station in India.


An unblemished hill station, Khandala is organized in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. Augment timeframes of steady down-pouring in the midst of the Monsoon season make it an excellent spot for a flawless weekend break. Rich greenery gets lit up with steady gives which add specific glimmer and gloriousness to the region.