Delhi To Hyderabad: A Journey Through Two Set Of Histories

Called as the ‘City of Nawabs’, Hyderabad has a rich cultural heritage in the form of various palaces, forts and monuments. The city offers a great mix of modern infrastructure and old age traditions. Being the common capital city of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad receives special treatment in the form of infrastructure. Maintained magnificently, the age old structures offer a view to behold. Be it the Golconda fort or the Charminar, you will find the places as they were left by the rulers. If you live in Delhi and think that it has a vast history, then you have no idea about the things that Hyderabad has witnessed in the past. Find out suitable flights from Delhi to Hyderabad timings, get on board and visit the stunning city of Nawabs.


Golconda Fort: Originally built during the Yadava dynasty, Golconda fort derives its name “Golla Konda” which means Shepherd’s Hill. Golconda fort also saw a lot of changes in power as it was controlled by many other dynasties including Kakatiya, Bahamani and at last Mughal. One of the wonders is the fact that you can hear the sound of a clap one kilometer from Fateh Darwaza to Bala Hissar. The palace area is huge and you will be amazed to witness the whispering walls.


Charminar: Located in the middle of the city, Charminar is the tourist attraction that comes into mind when you think of Hyderabad. Constructed in 1591, Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah used Cazia style of architecture to ward of epidemic, that claimed a lot of lives during that period. The minarets are 48.7 meters tall and the compound also consists of a mosque with 45 prayer spaces. There are also a number of bazaars around the Charminar where you can shop at cheap rates.  


Nehru Zoological Park: A 300-acre park established in 1959 is  located in Bahadurpur and hosts more than 1500 wildlife species. Here you can find Royal Bengal Tigers, Rhinoceros, Lions, Orangutans and a whole of visually appealing species. Among the rare animals you can even find giant tortoises walking around. The best way to explore the place is to enjoy the lush greenery here riding atop Elephants.   


Shamirpet: Offering a peaceful atmosphere, this man-made lake was constructed during the great Nizam of Hyderabad. You can also visit the deer park in Shamirpet where you can find a great number of beers and migratory birds if you are lucky. A perfect picnic spot for families, the place is delightful and offer proper accommodation facilities.


Falaknuma Palace: Located on top of the hill the name Falaknuma means Mirror of the Sky. Built by an architect from Italy, the palace was bought by the sixth Nizam. The huge collection of paintings, statues, manuscripts and furniture from all over the world shows the Nizam’s interest in arts. One should also witness the Sound and Light Show which narrates the history of Golconda fort.

So, suit yourself and find the flights from Delhi to Hyderabad timings and book the tickets to feel the rich history of the place.