Creating a Love Triangle With These Romantic Destinations in India

The beauty of India is not confined to just a handful of places like Goa, Taj Mahal or in its numerous temples. Not just for the offbeat, the country offers a peek into a beautiful world guaranteeing a blissful holiday for the couples as well. Let’s see some of the most enchanting romantic destinations in the country.

When it comes to spending a romantic holiday, people in India look towards foreign destinations like Paris, Seychelles, Venice and Switzerland. No doubt these destinations offer an exciting time and plenty of scenic locales, but that enriching feeling that you can only gain on domestic grounds goes missing. The Indian subcontinent comprises of some of the most romantic destinations for the romancing couples. With a wide variety of beautiful locations from sun-kissed beaches to snow-clad peaks and from centuries old architectural wonders to enchanting camps in the desert under the starry sky, India promises to be a great location to spend your honeymoon. Visitors can find affordable and convenient honeymoon packages through leading travel companies.

romantic trip to kashmir

Srinagar – Made famous in Bollywood, the enchanting valleys of Srinagar never fail to capture the imagination of romantic couples. Though the temperatures can move a little towards the extreme side, but this does not deter couples from spending a fantastic time in the valley. Touted as the ‘paradise on Earth’, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir is a trip of a lifetime. With tourist attractions like the Dal Lake, Shankaracharya Temple and untouched captivity of Sonmarg and Gulmarg, Srinagar is moves you out from the typical tourist circuit and establishes a rock solid bond between you and your spouse. The city is dotted with some fantastic resorts slightly on the remote side, with just the right prices that you wouldn’t mind shelling out extra bucks.

kavaratti beach

Kavaratti – If you prefer to spend a candle light dinner by the shore than by a terrace of a cottage in the hills, then Kavaratti in Lakshadweep Islands will offer a memorable experience. You probably wouldn’t hear about Kavaratti regularly in tourist conversations, but going by the experiences of travelers, this will make you forget Goa for a while. Basically, entire Lakshadweep is not so well explored by humans, so you never know you could discovers your own piece of untouched beach to spend a romantic time. You can find regular flights from Trichy, Trivandrum and Mumbai flying to Kavaratti or you can also take a ferry from the shores of Kerala. Do try some adventure sports like scuba diving and long walks by the beach and away from the noise of the world.

hyderabad tour

Hyderabad – Though at first glance Hyderabad might appear more of a historic land than a romantic retreat, but lately the city is known to come up with some of the best romantic resorts perfect for spending some alone time in each other’s company. These resorts offer the best cozy moments you’ve imagined. With royal services prepare for a rejuvenating trip and make a memorable trip. You can find regular Hyderabad to Mumbai flights or a train from other major nearby destinations.