Chiplun, a lovely town home to plethora of tourist attractions

Chiplun is a beautiful town located in the state of Maharashtra. It is also a major player in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and is a popular weekend getaway in the state. The town is flocked by tourists, particularly during monsoon and winter seasons. The place is excellent for holidaying and refreshing oneself. Visit Chiplun in next vacation, and for accommodations choose from best hotels in Chiplun.chiplun city tour

The beautiful town of Chiplun is one of the destinations where one would like to spend a tranquil holiday while also indulging into some fun outdoor actions. It is a small town with small count of denizens. It is quietude replete place blessed with sparkling water bodies, wide meadow grasslands, dense forests, and more. It is basically a hamlet situated in between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. The town lies on the way to Mumbai from Goa on NH 17. Being located on one of the busiest road-routes brings large number of visitors to the town. It is a popular stopover for Mumbaikars who are on their way back to the city from vacationing in Goa. Meanwhile, Chiplun falls under the Ratnagiri district in the state of Maharashtra. The town is also into manufacturing and industries, particularly the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are available in plenty.chiplun tourism

On the tourism front, the town is ideal stopover for spending two to three relaxing days. There are couple of good sightseeing spots and things to do in the town before one slips away. Nature’s allures are the major highlights. River Vashishti flows near the town and helps life to sustain and flourish. The river is also a popular for some fun activities. Boating is one of the most popular activities in the town. Besides, hiking to the hills nearby is also a major tourist activity. The verdant quietude-replete regions of the town are simply soothing for a laid-back journey. It is almost always pleasant in the town. The monsoon and the winter seasons are best for Chiplun tour. Monsoon arrives in the month of June, and it rains heavy in here. Exploring the town on foot is the best way to know its attractions. All major tourist sites are in vicinity and are easily accessible. Plus, one can also hire bicycle or a bike from the rental shops in the town. Locals are friendly and easy to get along. Marathi, Hindi, and English are the prime dialects here.chiplun tour attraction

Of all the prime places to visit in Chiplun the Walavalkar Shivaji Museum makes one prominent tourist attraction. Chhatrapati Shivaji is one of the most illustrated rulers of Maharashtra and he impacted the state in various ways. Chiplun also recognizes him as not just a good ruler but also a good human being, and the Walavalkar Shivaji Museum is one fine exhibit of the fact. The museum is located about 25 km from the town and is one of the best museums in the state. It archives and displays an excellent collection of artifacts and relics that depict the history of Shivaji. There are pictures-statues illustrating the life of the king. It is amongst the museums that took several years to get complete; in this case it took 15 years.
Other than the Walavalkar Museum, the major places of interest in Chiplun include: Nehru Smriti Udyan, Donavali, Marleshwar Temple, Konya Dam, Parshuram Temple, Gowalkot Fort, and Sawatsada Waterfall. Simply put, Chiplun is a beautiful town located in the state of Maharashtra. It is a popular weekend getaway and is also a natural attractions-replete destination for backpackers.