Captivating weekend getaways from Agra

Once you are done with the famous historical monuments in Agra you should head out to some awesome destinations that are just hours away from the city. Even if you’re going alone or with family and friends, there are places around Agra for every age group. From the religious city of Ayodhya to the scenic Parwanoo and masterfully planned Chandigarh, you will have no dearth options while choosing the ideal getaway from Agra. Checkout the Lucknow to Agra train time table so as to check if the trains are available on the dates you have picked to travel. Here are some of the best weekend destinations from Agra.



Parwanoo: In case you’re searching for the best natural product juices, jams or preserves, you’ve gone to the correct spot. A noticeable green area in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, Parwanoo is found 30 km north of Chandigarh and is known for its excellent plantations. With apples and peaches developed in bounty, the fields of this residential community appear to be spruced up in peach and red shades. The items produced using the natural products contributed extraordinarily to the economy of the town. There are two approaches to get the ideal perspective of the town and the field and if trekking up the Shivalik slopes does not intrigue you, the link auto keep running by Timber Trail resort will take you through the same pleasant perspectives.


Mohali: Situated towards the west side of Chandigarh, Mohali is a customer’s heaven and is known for its cricket ground. Renamed SAS Nagar in memory of Sahibzada Ajit Singh, the eldest child of Guru Gobind Singh, the city alongside Panchkula and Chandigarh structure the Chandigarh Tricity. Mohali houses numerous historic spots including Gurdwara Angitha Sahib and Gurdwara Puddha Sahib. A simple expansion of the streets and outline example of Chandigarh, the accomplishment of Chandigarh’s area plan arranging prompted Mohali being arranged indistinguishably.


Badrinath: Supported in the Nar-Narayan mountain ranges with the stupendous Neelkanth crest shaping a charming setting, Badrinath is one of the holiest Hindu journeys. It is situated on the left bank of waterway Alaknanda in Chamoli locale of Uttarakhand. As indicated by legends, the Badrinath sanctuary goes back to the Vedic age. In any case, the present sanctuary is accepted to have been set up by holy person Adi Shankaracharya. Badrinath alongside Yamunotri, Gangotri and Kedarnath forms the Chota Char Dham, one of the imperative journeys for Hindus.


Chittorgarh: Capital of the recent kingdom of Mewar, Chittorgarh is situated on the banks of waterway Gambhiri in the Chittorgarh locale of Rajasthan. The Chittorgarh fortification, from which the city infers its name, remains as a confirmation to the Rajput pride and valor.  The Chittorgarh fortification was worked by the Mauryans in seventh century AD.


Ayodhya: The birth land of Lord Rama and is accepted to be one of the seven most sacrosanct spots in India. Arranged on the banks of Saryu, approximately 135 km east of Lucknow, Ayodhya was called Saket in old times. Ayodhya is mentioned in various legends and stories including the epic Ramayana. India’s greatest festival, Diwali, can be followed back to Ayodhya when the whole city sparkled with earth lights to welcome the successful Rama who returned home in the wake of killing Ravana. The Atharva Veda has portrayed Ayodhya as a ‘city worked by Gods and being prosperous like heaven itself’.

With so many captivating weekend getaways near the Mughal Capital be ready to have an awesome time with your friends. Just keep a look at the Lucknow to Agra train time table so as to see if the tickets are available for the desired dates of traveling.