Aurangabad, a city that offers a glance at the history of the nation

Replete of countless attractions from the past, the city of Aurangabad provides nothing but a fun and memorable holiday. Simply head to this modern yet ancient, city and spend the holidays exploring and discovering the grand history of the nation.

Located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Aurangabad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Every year, it sees huge waves of domestic as well as international tourists. It is because that the city is home to the world heritage sites, Ajanta & Ellora caves. Founded by Malik Ambar in year 1610, the city was originally called Khidki, which means the window. True to its name, the city offered the Mughals to look into the Deccan through it, thus acting as a window. It was later in the year 1953, when Aurangzeb took over the city and renamed it as Aurangabad after him. Today, it is one of the four most significant cities in the state of Maharashtra. It is a rapidly developing city striving to be one of India’s major powerhouses of commerce.aurangabad city

Even though after embracing urbanization with open arms, the city still preserves its old world charm. In fact, apart from the Ajanta and Ellora caves, the city is most popular for historical monuments and structures. The history buffs are going to find a plethora of rewarding opportunities to relish. The city is evenly sprinkled with the remnants of the past. One must visit place in the city is the Bibi Ka Maqbara, built by the son of Aurangzeb in the memory of his mother, the building is a beautiful structure that was built as the replica of Taj Mahal. There also exists an excellent wildlife sanctuary called Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary. It has a rich and varied species of flora and fauna and is a perfect place to see and feed the animals.aurangabad attraction

Additionally, about 13 km from the center of the city, there is a grand and one of the oldest forts, called Daulatabad Fort. It is simply a delight to the historians and the enthusiasts of medieval Indian architecture. Apart from these the other popular places to visit in Aurangabad includes: Panchakki, Siddharth Garden, Khuldabad, Grihneshwar Temple, Soneri Mahal, Pitalkhora, Lonar, and the 13 magnificent gates. Plus, if you want to get a glimpse of the city, its past, and the inhabitants, the History Museum of Marathwada University is the place to go to. It is an excellent museum that has a good number of ancient Indian paintings, coins, fabrics, arms, sculptures, artifacts, etc. on public display.auranagabad caves

The Ajanta and Ellora caves are must mention. They are the most dominant attractions of the city and were built between 2nd to 6th century AD, making them amongst the oldest cave monuments in India. These caves are the World Heritage Sites and are a collection of magnificent caves. The caves are one fine example of man’s artistry and determination. The caves are excavated by the craftsmen for the Buddhist monks who prayed, lived, and taught at this site. There are exclusive paintings, sculptures, and temples providing a panorama on the lives of Buddha and Jatakas.aurangabad tour
Aiding one’s trip of the city and simply making it a memorable journey are the good Aurangabad  Hotels. There exists a huge range of hotels in the city, ranging from the cheap/budget hotels to the luxury hotels. Irrespective of one’s reason for the visit of the city, the hotels here ensure that the guests’ stay at the hotel is content and comfortable.