A cultural and heritage stop at the city of Kanpur

Kanpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh well known for its prominence in the industrial and commercial field in the state and for being one of the main cultural centers for North India. The city, although unlikely, makes for a fine visit. This article talks about everything you need to know for your trip to the city of Kanpur.


The city of Kanpur is one amongst the top cities in Uttar Pradesh. Arranged on the banks of the holy Hindu river of Ganga, Kanpur is arranged at a height of around 125 meters above ocean level and spreads over a zone of a greater amount of than a thousand square kilometers. The area of Kanpur close by the Ganges makes the soil of the land very fertile making it a great agricultural area. Due to this this reason agriculture flourishes in the city paving way for many industries.

kanpur central

Kanpur can easily be approached by air, railways or roads. You can fly in from Delhi or Mumbai or simply get on a train or bus if you are visiting from nearby cities. Jhansi to Kanpur train is one train that runs on a regular basis. The best time to visit Kanpur is from October to March when the atmosphere is lovely and perfect for touring and other open-air exercises. During the pre-summer season from April to June, it is to a great degree hot with temperatures soaring to a high of about 48 degree celsius. You can likewise expect dust storms during this season, hence, it is best you abstain from going by Kanpur during this time.


Shopping in Kanpur is largely about shopping largely for leather items and there are various little markets, emporiums and shopping centers offering an assortment of leather merchandise at reasonable price. The main shopping destinations in Kanpur are the Mall Road, Meston road, Birhana Road and Naveen Market. You can also visit the state emporiums in Kanpur for some diversity where you can find Manjusha Bengal Emporium, Phulkari Punjab Emporium and Up handloom emporium. You will find a lot of stuff related to the cultural background of these places which also make for perfect gift items and souvenirs.


The places to visit and see in Kanpur are quite limited, mostly making up of religious sites like temples, churches and mosques with a few historical monument here and there. One of the most notable sites of interest in the city is the Jain glass temple. The Jain glass temple as the name suggests gets its name from the beautiful painstaking work of the glasswork interiors . The beautiful glass interiors gives a very modern touch to the temple making it a great visit. Apart from the places of religious interest, if you want some quiet time to relax, you can always visit Kamla retreat, which is a privately owned park with beautiful gardens, swimming pool and a mini zoo too! You can also visit the small museum there which has some archaeological artifacts that may intrigue you.


Kanpur is a great place to explore the historical, cultural and commercial side of Uttar Pradesh. Book your ticket and check for the PNR status to see the status of your train or flight and brace yourself for a whole different experience, as although not the quintessential travel destination, Kanpur will not disappoint you!