7 Best Places to Go For the International Honeymoon

From the sunny beaches to the snow clad mountains, luxury palaces to several historical and heritage sites are out there in the world that can be chosen as a honeymoon destination. If you don’t want to go through the desi trips for your honeymoon, find out some amazing international honeymoon places that are offering memories of long-lasting and ensure the fun, adventure and sightseeing in the whole trip.

1) Floridaflorida tour

For the complete joy of the honeymoon, you should go to Florida. There is something for everyone from the virgin beaches that allow the thrilling rides, the universal studios, theme parks, and much more. The tropical environs, nightlife party, tranquil places and much more are there to go through a wonderful honeymooning time.

2) New Zealandnew zealand tour

New Zealand is truly a treat for the love birds. The unique natural sceneries and the amazing sights of the lakes, snow clad mountains, rough tracks, etc., are perfect to go through the seeing the sights as well as adventures like hiking, trekking, skiing, snowboarding, etc.dubai tour

3) Dubai

Middle East is not a very popular destination in between of Indians, but Dubai is exceptional. The land of glitzy skyscrapers and insanely rich people offer a lot to the travellers. People get the incredible experiences in the desert land once they go close to the its historical districts, spice souks, indulge in desert safari, relax in a nice restaurant, and more.singaporetour

4) Singapore

From India, honeymoon trip to Singapore is a cheap affair. The only trouble is the flights are not cheap, but the advance planning and booking can make it possible to travel without burdening on the pocket. From shopping to exploring amazing places, relishing great food to talking with the friendly locals and witnessing different culture and tradition in the one place is truly a fascinating experience that tourist gets here.maldives tour

5) Maldives

No matter you get attracted from the pretty island or you grab the cheapest deal for the honeymoon package in Maldives, scuba diving in Male is a must when you are on your vacation of Maldives. The pristine beaches, turquoise blue water and tropical weather of this pretty Indian Island will blow your mind away. You can spend your time while doing a number of amazing water sports and sightseeing or to do nothing. The choice is yours. Luxury spa and more are also offered.france tour

6) France

It is said, People fall in love in France. It is not just the Eiffel Tower that adds charm, but other attractions too enhance the appeal of France from influential culture, rich history, gorgeous & varied landscape, vibrant and essential cities and of course the cuisine.turkey tour

7) Turkey

To celebrate the union of the wedding, Turkey has become a popular destination.¬†Depending upon the couple’s joint-personality, International Honeymoon Packages are also offered by the travel companies. There is an abundance of things from luxurious indulgence in wonderful resorts, vibrant nightlife, numerous shopping centres, scenic beauties, to name a few.