5 top restaurants in Kolkata to taste the city’s authentic food

Kolkata, rich with culture, history, cuisine, and tourist attractions, is indeed an ideal place to head on this vacation. It is no less than a heaven to the food-lovers who are looking to have a gastronomic holiday experience.

Kolkata, the Cultural Capital of India, is a paradise for foodies and particularly for individuals with a sweet tooth. Bengali desserts are well known and surely needs no introduction; the zesty, tangy, and totally lip smacking dishes that Kolkata brings to the table will leave you spoiled and confused, whether you should go for the fiery Bengali savories or the  sweetmeats. What’s more, the food scene, as we probably aware, hugely impacts the wholesome experience that you get from your Kolkata tour.

6 ballygunge place

6 Ballygunge Place

In demonstration of its prominence, 6 Ballygunge Place is another Bengali cooking establishment that is spread out all over India, including Kolkata. The first ever establishment of 6 Ballygunge Place is situated in a white bungalow, with a lot of old world appeal, in Ballygunge. It will cost you around cost around 1,000-1,200 rupees for a wholesome supper for two at this budget friendly eatery.

kasturi restaurant



In the New Market zone and serving ethnic Dhakai Bangladeshi food, Kasturi is an economical yet heavenly alternative for the food lovers in Kolkata. Set up in 1994, the eatery patronized this kind of cooking in the city and have been awarded multiple time. It is advisable to overlook the very plane decor, the food is the thing that simply inspires. A feast for two will cost around 500 rupees here.

bhojohori manna

Bhojohori Manna

If you don’t have much time to eat? Bhojohori Manna is the place you ought to visit for get wonderful Bengali food experience. Also, with outlets all over Kolkata, you’re certain to discover one close by. The eatery is named after a well known Bengali track from a film made in the 70s. The track “ami sri bhojohori manna” spins around a revered cook who made a trip to numerous places and procured an extraordinary culinary style of his own. A feast for two will cost around Rs 400.

bohemian restaurant kolkata


For something delectably distinctive, attempt Bohemian’s contemporary Bengali fusion of food. Culinary specialist Joy Banerjee, who was beforehand Head Chef at Oh! Calcutta, utilizes unmistakably Bengali flavors and enhances in his cooking. The menu is quite rich and impressive and includes a scope of creative international dishes, including numerous alternatives for veggie lover. Mains are valued at around Rs 350 – Rs 450 each.

kewpie kitche kolkata

Kewpie’s Kitchen

This eatery started as a private and family-run eatery, over 10 years from today, and made the whole city its fan. It is still situated in the proprietor’s home, and at one time can seat only 50 individuals. However, service can be an issue for some, yet in the event that you need reasonably priced Bengali food in a special environment, you ought to visit the eatery. A feast for two individuals can cost around Rs 600 – Rs 800.

That concludes some of the most popular eateries across Kolkata for the backpackers who have a craving for a gastronomic experience when they visit the city. That being said, of all the things that are related to your Kolkata trip, one thing that you shouldn’t worry about is how to reach the city. Kolkata shares excellent connectivity with the rest of the nation. Buses are the best bets if you live nearby, whereas if you live in a city as distant as, say Bangalore, flights are the fastest modes to get into the city. There are regular Bangalore to Kolkata flights to catch.