5 marvels you must visit in the magnificent city of Vadodara

One of the largest cities in Gujarat, Vadodara is famous for its rich cultural heritage and a history consisting of many rulers. After taking over from Mughal officers, the Gaekwads ruled the city for more than 200 years giving it the architecture the city boasts of even today. The city was ruled by Marathas for It consists some of the best palaces, gardens and sites that attracts thousand of tourists every year. If you stay in Surat and then Vadodara is the perfect weekend getaway as it has everything for people of every age group. Just check the Surat to Baroda train time table so as to book the train on the dates that are comfortable for you. Here are some of the places you must visit while in Vadodara.

sayaji baug vadodara

Sayaji Baug: Almost 150 years old garden, it is built on the Vishwamitri RIver and occupies an area of 45 hectares of land. Adding to the attraction it also has two museums and a majestic aquarium which is quite famous amongst the kids. Largest garden is Western India, it has consists of more than 100 species of plants. The major points of fascination in the garden are Picture Gallery, Sayaji Zoo and a planetarium. Don’t forget to checkout the huge clock made up of an arrangement of flowers.

kadia dungar caves vadodara

Kadia Dungar Caves: Built in the 2nd century AD on the mountain top, the caves reflect the Buddhist culture quite prominently. Following the architectural style of Vihara the Kadia Dungar Caves consists of seven different caves. Apart from the monolithic iron pillars, the brick stupa at the foothills is another attraction that should not be missed. The caves fills you up with positive vibes as there is extreme peace and tranquility inside each one of them.  

nazarbaug palace vadodara

Nazarbaug Palace: The palace was used as the residence for the Gaekwad clan in the 18th century and making it one of the oldest monuments of Vadodara. The property was valued in billions before ending up in ruins as it was looted mysteriously. Although the glory of the past is not there but you can still feel the royalty the people here would have enjoyed. Visit the place to explore the intricate architecture of the monument.

kirti stambh

Kirti Stambh: Also known as the tower of fame, Kirti Stambh was constructed in 1935 by the Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad. One of the highest towers in the city, the tower was built to celebrate 60 years of rule by the Maharaja. The tower has on top a lion sitting in the east direction which symbolizes the way of attaining salvation as per the Hindu mythology.

Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara

Laxmi Vilas Palace: One of the largest private abodes in the world, Laxmi Vilas Palace is said to be 4 times of the Birmingham Palace and it was once used as the royal residence of the Gaekwads. Loaded with all modern facilities, the marvel consists of both the Eastern as well as Western style of architecture. If observed closely you will notice that the exteriors are much ‘Indian’ and interiors inspired by the European architecture. Come here to see how the royal people used to live larger than life.

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