Enthralling South India Hill Stations You Need to Checkout

Now Is it true that you are aching for some mountain air, lavish green patches, peace and serenity? Don’t fret. India is a rich nation and has a host of stunning hill stations. Go anywhere, in any direction and you will be welcomed with a plethora of stunning hill locales. Likewise, Southern India has made an imprint everywhere throughout the world by virtue of its grand hill slopes encompassed by beautiful lakes, winding paths and extraordinary backwoods, and therefore you definitely need to head southward for your next exotic hills’ vacation. All set?

Check out these stunning destinations in the southern part of India, which will bewilder you to a great extent. It’s time to delve into something pure, natural and refreshing.

ooty tour

1- Ooty

Ooty is the amongst the broadly known hill stations in India, which falls on the Nilgiri slopes of Tamil Nadu. Whether you need to unwind, restore or need to appreciate the beautiful excellence, Ooty has every bit of it. The liberality of nature in Ooty can be very transparently seen in the lofty waterfalls, wonderful natural sceneries, spiraling water streams and amazing tranquility. Visit the Rose Garden, Lake Park, Deer Park, Ooty Lake, and Government Museum while in Ooty. In case, you aren’t much of an explorer and like to have what is being served on the platter, then go for the Ooty tour packages available in the travel market. These will do the needful to a great extent.

devikullam tour

2- Devikulam

Situated near Munnar in Kerala, Devikulam gets its name from a lake wherein Goddess Sita washed herself. The lake is consequently held holy and is accepted to have corrective forces. The tea ranches and waterfalls that encompass this little hill station add to the picturesque excellence of Devikulam.

ananthagiri hill

3- Ananthagiri Hills

Aside from being one of the main three hill stations of Andhra Pradesh, Ananthagiri Hills give the vista of slopes joshing with the mists. It is an amazing summer retreat in Andhra and one of the cleanest and greenest hill stations of India. Rich in minerals and salubrious environment, it vouches for enthralling scenes that just stops everything and charms a spell of romance, especially on the couples.

araku valley

4- Araku Valley

This spot draws in travellers with a charming climate, slopes and valleys. This gorgeous valley expands to some 36 km and the elevation is somewhere around 600 to 900 m above the sea level. A trip to this spot on the Ghat street with thick woods on either side is in itself intriguing and charming. Borra Caves found 29 km from Araku Valley, are one of the well known close-by attraction spots.

ponmudi hill station

5- Ponmudi

The Golden Peak of Kerala, Ponmundi gets its name in the list of one of the top honeymoon destinations in South India. Comprising of luxurious tea manors, turned trails, showcase of mountains and a myriad of butterflies, it is one of the spots you ought to be at for your special trip. The whole scene is overwhelmingly charged with thick woodlands, waterfalls, and different trekking trails. Uses the PNR prediction feature of the Indian Railways to know of the status of your train to Ponmudi, since you do not want to waste more time on this one, right?

So have a wonderful and refreshing trip, down South!

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