Most Crazy Adventure Sports in the World

You’ve had enough of playing different sport activities which do increase your level of energy and get you sweating but you still desire for more. We bring to you some real activities that will surely spike up your adrenaline levels. Below are some of the craziest adventure sports of the world which will take your excitement level to a much higher level. Enjoy experiencing them with exploring the places offering these opportunities with

Volcano Boarding

Volcano Boarding

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Have you ever thought while reading about volcanoes that you will get to visit it and in this way, of course not! Well there is something called Volcano Boarding, an adventure activity that actually lets you go down at top speed using a board down the surface of an active volcano.  The experts make you wear knee pads, jumpsuits, helmet and other sorts of protective gear.  For those adventure freaks wanting to try can head to the foothills of Cerro Negro Mountain in Nicaragua and enjoy coming down racing from 2380 feet volcano for an experience you will never forget.

Dirt Biking

dirt biking


For those bike lovers who now want to try something different after mountain biking and quad biking, there comes dirt biking where you trick the vehicle to the mud pools holding the steering of the bike on your hand. An activity requires you to be fit mentally and physically.

Cliff Diving

cliff diving

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Swimming in a swimming pool is so cliché why not try on something different for experiencing a real taste of excitement. Cliff Diving is an adventure sport known which requires you to jump into the water from a height of around 23 to 28 meters. The feeling of thrill reaches to a point of satisfaction as you fall from the height and jumps into the water. New to the sport can enjoy diving from 18 to 23 metres above sea level.


Crocodile Bungee

crocodile bunjee

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This time try on attempting one of the more dangerous forms of bungee jumping, where the live crocodiles with their huge jaws await you and very closely you are missing those deadly teeth. For those people who have already tried on regular bungee jumping, gather your courage to explore this adventure activity which will surely thrill you to the core.

Street Luge

street lug

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An activity where you need to lay down your whole body over specially designed boards which move along by the gravity. The activity brings the entire excitement you have ever wanted. New Zealand is a country providing the opportunity to lay down and enjoy the Luge boarding experience, letting you discover a new form of the adventure activity.

Rock crawling

rock crawling

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It is an adventure where you get to test your driving skills through the rockiest pathways. Rock crawling challenges you to drive through sharp roads in a heavy duty vehicle where the rides get bumpier with each turn. Enjoy the feeling of excitement as you go up and down marching ahead over the rocky ground.

Deep Water Soloing

deep water soloing

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Best described in the words, saying-‘Rock climbing solo’, a process in which you climb up the steep sea wall without anybody’s help only after mastering the form of this activity. The activity happens to take place during the high tide as you see the sea water splashing all over you. It is advised to be a bit carefully while experiencing the activity.



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A new entry in the list came into existence when the Russians have taken the dare of walking up to the dangerous heights and clicking a picture risking your life. The places for this risky attempt could be anything from huge statues to iron boards and to long heighted towers and all of this happening without any safety gear. Nothing could be more dangerous than being walking on the sky with no safety measures.



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Enjoy floating in the blue water with the waves along the coastline to treat your adrenaline. It is among the most dangerous adventure activity that has made to insure because of the risk it possesses to the one doing it. Get crazy enjoying the different way of diving in the water and experiences it a new way.



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Unlike the circus we all have seen in the circuses, this activity includes a nylon rope anchored from one point of cliff to other point of another cliff, holding the rope.  These ropes are harnessed with different types of roping, which help in creating the surface of the ropes more flat making one walk easily. The rope keeps bouncing and twirling making it look all the more dangerous.